Over one million forms created and counting...

Simple and powerful

Just drag-and-drop and click to edit, no HTML editing required.


Complex multi-page surveys can be created and deployed in a few minutes.
The desktop-like interface makes the all experience fast and fun.

Real time editing

Edit and change your survey anytime, even after it has started receiving data.

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Input fields

Choose from a large variety of completely customizable input fields:

  • small and large text
  • radio buttons and check boxes
  • completely customizable matrix tables
  • star rating
  • File Uploads
  • country selection
  • and more...

File uploads

Accept uploaded files from your respondents.
We store the files and you can download/view them at anytime.

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Multiple page surveys

Easily add and remove pages from your surveys.
Split your survey into categories and improve response rates.


Your respondents can leave the survey and resume later where they left off.
You never loose any data, and the partial data is available to you.

SPAM protection

Your surveys and forms are automatically protected from SPAM.


Easily create multiple versions of your survey in different languages.
You can create and receive responses in any language.

Automatic language selection

We automatically select the most appropriate language for your respondents.

Your survey, your colors

You can completely customize your survey appearence.
Change the colors, fonts and sizes of your survey elements.

Add your logo and your images

Add your own company/personal logo to your surveys.
You can upload images to your survey and associate them with any question.

Introduction and thank you page

Create a custom introduction and final page.
You can also redirect your respondents to another website on completion.

Simple custom URLs

Each survey gets it's own custom and easily remembered URL.

Integrate with your website or blog

Seamlessly integrate your survey with your webpage or blog.
You just need to copy and paste a short HTML code snippet.

Mailing list and tracking

You can send email invites and track who has responded.

Control repeated responses

Avoid repeated responses by limiting entries with cookies or IP Address.

Real time analytics

Get access to your survey's response statistics in real time.

Print or share

Easily print or share the statistics generated.

Real time notification

Be notified when a new response is received:

  • Receive an email with the complete response
  • Subscribe to the survey RSS feed
  • Receive an SMS notification

Instant Response Notification

Use our HTTP API and we call your script when a new response is received.

The data is yours

The data you collect is yours, we never delete it and you always have access to it.


You can export your data:
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Other spreadsheets (via CSV or TSV)
  • XML


You can completely delete your survey data (and your account) at any time.

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